Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Learning Android

So i've decided to spend my spare time learning to develop Android applications. I feel that the world is going mobile application crazy and you never know that one great idea might just be the killer app.

Why Android?

Well for starters I own an Android based phone. I'm not a fan of Apple. I love their products and given the right price and a change to more openness then things may be different. And the reasons for not liking Apple are the same reasons for liking Android. Open, cheaper and more accessible.

What next?

Now i've never developed in Java. ASP, VB, PHP is my lot so this is going to be tricky. Some say even harder than a complete programming newbie as I already have preconceptions as to how a programming language should work. Trying to fit new syntax into my head wont be easy.

Right so I've installed Eclipse, downloaded the latest SDKs from Google and got some links to a few tutorials as well as Amazon sending me a book or two on the subject of beginning Android development. Here is a link to those tutorials I plan on tackling:

Here goes, wish me luck...

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Kiwi said...

I got Here from Ocuk, and i was looking for a Android guide, these look good cheers, also ive been on the links for you :)