Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I've sold my soul to the devil!

Well not quite. But some Android fanboys might think I have, or even worse. Cut a long-ish story short, I caught my Advent Vega Android tablet with my foot this morning and cracked the screen. One of the reasons I bought it was so that I would have internet access while on trips away. I have a trip to Canada coming up and so a replacement is needed... and I decided on an iPad. Not an iPad2. The only thing that has appealed to me about the iPad2 is the nice £100 price drop it meant for the original iPad. I rarely buy like for like with gadgets when they expire and I'm not a fanboy. I just try to buy the best product in my price range. I feel the iPad is now that product.

So does it mean I'll be developing apps for IOS? Maybe. Oh and for those interested in how my Vega now looks:

It along with it's official Vega case will be listed here shortly: http://www.amibay.com

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Oh Google Maps! Why don't you love me anymore?!

To be honest I know full well why Google Maps has stopped loving me. Whilst trying to find the travelling distance between one fixed postcode and 1500 others (programatically of course!), Google Maps blocked me after the 338th request within a 6 minute period! Thankfully today the block has reset. Obviously I need to add a delay between requests. Google's FAQ says 2,500 requests per day can be made but if you make too many requests in a certain period they block you. How many in what period is not mentioned! Grrrrr!