Tuesday, 15 March 2011

I've sold my soul to the devil!

Well not quite. But some Android fanboys might think I have, or even worse. Cut a long-ish story short, I caught my Advent Vega Android tablet with my foot this morning and cracked the screen. One of the reasons I bought it was so that I would have internet access while on trips away. I have a trip to Canada coming up and so a replacement is needed... and I decided on an iPad. Not an iPad2. The only thing that has appealed to me about the iPad2 is the nice £100 price drop it meant for the original iPad. I rarely buy like for like with gadgets when they expire and I'm not a fanboy. I just try to buy the best product in my price range. I feel the iPad is now that product.

So does it mean I'll be developing apps for IOS? Maybe. Oh and for those interested in how my Vega now looks:

It along with it's official Vega case will be listed here shortly: http://www.amibay.com

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