Tuesday, 19 July 2011

And people wonder why some devs just give up


This is quite simply unacceptable. XDA is going down the pan... if it hasn't already hit rock bottom.

giffgaff... too good to be true?

After MANY issues with Vodafone UK (dropped calls, calls going to answer machine, poor internet speed etc...) I've decided to evaluate some alternatives until my contract expires in 9 months or so. After checking Quidco for offers I found giffgaff which uses the O2 network. I had already looked into O2 to find their coverage was much better where I work and live. So here's the deal:

Top up £10 a month and get:

  • 250 minutes to any network any time
  • Unlimited text messages
  • Unlimited internet use
Plus for each person I refer that joins I get £5 credit and so do they! After checking the speed out (Vodafone ~0.2Mbps, giffgaff/O2 >2.5Mbps) I'm seriously thinking about asking for my PAC number from Vodafone. Just a real shame that Vodafone won't let me leave without the rather large (>£300) termination fee. They have given me one month free which was a show of good will while they investigated the problem. It turns out the network is congested at the cell that covers my work post code and it maybe sometime before an upgrade can be actioned. So if you want a free giffgaff SIM with £5 free credit then click the link on the right of my blog.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Stupid to think that Amazon App Store would be great for devs....

Forgive the long subject title of this blog post but I've just read an interesting blog post by a small indie developer, talking about the troubles they have had using the Amazon App Store. Worth a read for any Android devs thinking of going that way: Bithack Blog