Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Android Market reaches 100,000 apps but does that really matter?

As has been reported by plenty of sites already, the Android Market has reached 100,000 apps. But should we care? The Apple App Store is at 300,000 but to be honest most of the apps I see when searching for with various key words are total guff. The same themes over and over again but tweaked slightly. An example is the World Cup themes for every team but each one a different app. 32 apps that could have been just one.

For me it is all about quality over quantity. That is why when I get to the point of releasing my potential apps I will do my best to make sure they are worthwhile releasing.


Sarah said...

I agree with your quality over quantity. There never seems to be the app that I am looking for but there are plenty of them, a bit like Sky tv, so many channels but not one showing anything I'd like to watch.

tonyyeb said...

Great analogy Sarah and very true!

daren sammy said...

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