Friday, 22 October 2010

Chapter 1... Hello World... Unsurprisingly

So into chapter 1 and the inevitable 'Hello World' app is dealt with. Now I've already tackled this in an on-line tutorial in the past so I knew where this was going. However this is where spending money shows it's worth. The book explains more of the finer details, why you are doing things, what each bit does along with some nice gentle exercises like adding more strings and changing the order they appear. The little end-of-chapter quiz is a little pointless for chapter 1 but I expect it will become a handy recall exercise in later chapters.

I still plan on looking at the on-line tutorials for a comparison with the book but also you never know what one misses the other may pick up on. Unfortunately the inevitable diversion in routes into Android development that both tutorials take are bound to differ very soon!

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