Tuesday, 15 February 2011

DHCP Checker v2.3 released

As promised here is an updated version of my DHCP Checker script, complete with more comments and a tad tidier code!

DHCP Checker v2.3


lions1855 said...

The script process much better than the last one. However, it stopped in line 130 just around the loop command

Line 130 - loop
Line 131 - if foundentry = 1 then
Line 132 - objCDOMail.To = strEmailTo
Line 133 - objCDOMail.Subject = strEmailSubject
Line 134 - objCDOMail.TextBody = strBody
Line 135 - objCDOMail.Send
Line 136 - Set objCDOMail = Nothing
Line 137 - else
Line 138 - end if
Line 139 - objtextfile.close

the it stopped in line 138 looking for another End If. Then, after entering the code that it was looking for, it stopped in line 139looking for Loop.

And, it finally stopped again in line 70 under "strline = objtextfile.readline".

Any clues

tonyyeb said...

Hi lions1855

Sorry for the late reply, only just spotted your comment. I'm not 100% certain what is missing but I expect it is the if statement that starts at line 100. I think it needs an end if after the following do until loop.

Try that and get back to me.

Junior said...

Having the same error. You want to put an "end if" statement on line 108 after the do loop? That results in yet another error.

tonyyeb said...

What's the error?

auth1299 said...

Did anyone get this code working? I'm getting the same error on line 130

auth1299 said...

Tony you make me sad! Can you fix your sloppy code? please....

tonyyeb said...

Hi auth1299

The reason why there are remaining bugs in the code is that I no longer have means of testing the code. I was relying on a friend to test new releases but he hasn't been well.

I do plan on building a Virtual AD/DHCP 2003/2008 server for another project but I may be able to play with getting the DHCP checker back working. However if you are offering to help test then leave another comment and I will be glad to work with you getting the code good again.

auth1299 said...

I will work with you to test the script. Right now I am getting the same errors as mentioned by the other comments.

tonyyeb said...

Hi auth1299, please email me the details of your setup (server OS versions etc...) to tonyyeb [at] gmail [dot] com and we can then I can get a new version over for you to test. Thanks.

tonyyeb said...

Good news to anyone waiting for a fix. Auth1299 has offered to help test the script. I have just sent him the latest amendments which should hopefully solve any errors. The script is now 2008 only. Anyone with an older version of Windows Server, I'm sorry but I'm not planning on supporting older OS versions.