Saturday, 6 November 2010

Is phonegap cheating?

Chapter 3 of the book has gone waaaaayyy over my head. It seems to have gone up a few notches very quickly. There are no comparisons to existing languages to ease you in. So as a result I've put the book down for a bit and decided to look at phonegap. It still uses Eclipse for the IDE but everything else is HTML, Javascript and CSS.

I've built the sample in no time and I am already changing it to get an idea of how it will look. Firstly the sample CSS makes everything look like a native app, very slick. But you would think it would not have the capability of a native app... you would be wrong. You can make the phone vibrate, beep, take readings from the accelerometer, geolocation, bring up the dialler etc... Pretty much everything the average developer would want. Also it is multi platform compatible so with a bit of work it can run on iPhone, Blackberry, Symbian and Palm as well as Android. I'm not too fussed by that but you never know, a killer app multiplied by 5 outlets is more than just one. Next I'm going to see what the sample app looks like on my HTC Desire.

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Sarah said...

Let us know how it looks.