Monday, 20 February 2012

Chrome for Android the death of ChromeOS?

A few weeks ago Google announced the release of a beta version of Chrome for Android (well Ice Cream Sandwich to be more precise). The initial findings are very positive for what a full release could bring, the obvious being the sync between the desktop version on on your mobile device. But doesn't it kind of limit the advantage a Chromebook running ChromeOS might have had?

For me a tablet like the Asus Transformer Prime is as close to ideal as possible. With its quad core CPU, monster battery life (especially when paired with the keyboard dock) not to mention the flexibility of being either a tablet or laptop with the bundled keyboard dock. Yes it costs more than a Chromebook (Transformer Prime is currently £499 in the UK and the cheapest Chromebook is £299) but the extra value gained with the flexible hardware and software must be close to outweighing the cost.

I guess I'm missing something, but other than the outright price difference, why would you choose a Chromebook with ChromeOS vs an Android device running the Chrome browser?


Thomas Harrison-Lord said...

Google should have branded the mobile web browser "Chrome" from the very start, instead of "Internet". For me that was always a missed branding opportunity. But the prospect of having a fully featured Chrome in my pocket is exciting.

Chris Eden-Pratt said...

I agree but then they needed to ensure that it at least came close to matching it's desktop cousin's abilities. Would have been a bit misleading otherwise. At least now then can maybe integrate it into 4.1 or whatever version next makes it to public release. One thing is for certain, the app known as "Internet" will soon be no more!

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